Trober is a computer network analyst, who primarily adopts FreeBSD as a server operating system, solves problems with Bourne Shell script, in a well-handcrafted way. And he really likes what he does.

I am a computer network analyst (#sysops, #netops, #netadmin), preferring to adopt open source solutions (especially FreeBSD), without giving up proprietary systems when necessary. I develop some scripts using Bourne Shell and Python language to solve day-to-day problems.

I am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and also taking graduate studies (specialization, lato sensu) in Computer Network Engineering. I currently hold the BSDA, HE IPv6, MCP, MCPS, MTA, MTCNA, MTCRE and MTCINE certifications. In the past, I have had the CompTIA Network+ and DBC (D-Link) certifications.

I have 26 years of experience with computing related activities, the last 12 years being dedicated to computer networks. I helped create internet access providers (ISP/WISP/FISP) from scratch, making their owners happy and rich. I provided low-cost solutions in municipal public bodies and hospitals, and interconnected several private companies. I have implemented tunnels (VPNs), VPLS/MPLS transport, OSPFv2 and BGP dynamic routing, load balancing, firewall, name servers, time servers, monitoring servers and much more.

My professional resume is available on LinkedIn and my academic resume is available on the CNPq/Lattes platform. Contact me by email address trober AT trober DOT com.